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Tapas in Mallorca

Meet our tapas restaurant

In the lively main avenue, with a fresh and modern atmosphere, you will find 5illes EAT & DRINK.

Francisco Acosta, owner and restaurant manager, gives you the welcome along with all his team to make you feel like at home and enjoy our gastronomic concept with a mediterranean ambience.

Our chef, Aure García, prepares a market cuisine based on the concept of 'to share' with a wide selection of culinary tapas, consisting mainly of Mediterranean flavours and some Canary specialties.

Our concept consists of hot and cold tapas to share. It is essential for us that all our tapas are made with fresh ingredients prepared at the moment with the best secret ingredient: love!

In our menu you can see the symbols of the allergens. If you have any allergies or intolerance we always adapt to your needs.

Immerse yourself in the summer evenings, enjoy a modern cocktail bar with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Classics, moderns, authors, with alcohol, without alcohol, there is always time for a good cocktail! Complete your experience by approaching our restaurant on the beach of Colonia de Sant Jordi and the port, to know an oriental restaurant like no other.

  • We are waiting for you!
  • We are waiting for you!
  • Enjoy your five senses!
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Avenida Primavera 42


Colonia Sant Jordi


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Chef recommends

Marinated Salmon with avocado and wake algae

Crunchy rolls with sobrasada, goat cheese & honey

Spring onions tempura with lemon alioli

New potatoes (canarian style) with mojo picón

Kataifi wrapped prawns

Fried squid with lemon alioli

Secreto ibérico marinado 5illes